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Validate your validation

One of the primary rules for all developers is always test your code, now I’m not saying that you always need to do full on unit testing, but at the very least you need to give your code a once over to check that the primary functions work the way it should. But what if those that build a system, are not developers? I’m talking about what I like to call “The curse of the non-technical editor” (feel free to use that one, I’m sure something so snappy and well-thought-out is bound to catch on 🙄), where an end user constructs a UI by utilising some form of WYSIWYG editor.

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The saga begins

So here we are, nearly 20 years into my life as a developer, and I’ve finally decided to start writing down my ramblings. I’m not on social media (for reasons that will become clear if you stick around), so I figured I’d use my long dormant domain and rant into the void. There’s no real structure or theme to this blog, but you can expect generally nerdy discourse, focusing on programming, web development, and computer science.

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About Me

I’m a programmer and web-developer with a primary focus on security, privacy, and accessibility.

I’m a proponent of the free software movement, and I abhor harvesting of private date for commercial gain.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, and accept my own fallibility, but strive to learn from my mistakes to ensure what I do is inclusive, accessible and open to all.

About BlackParadox

BlackParadox is my passion project, that’s gone through many incarnations in its life to reach the point it’s at now.

It’s my sandbox, and is constantly reworked and adapted as my skills and knowledge change.

What’s with the name?

15 year old me was looking for a domain that sounded ‘cool’ and took two words that sounded good together. It has no implied meaning.