The irreverent ramblings of digital_ice

The saga begins

So here we are, nearly 20 years into my life as a developer, and I’ve finally decided to start writing down my ramblings.

I’m not on social media (for reasons that will become clear if you stick around), so I figured I’d use my long dormant domain and rant into the void.

There’s no real structure or theme to this blog, but you can expect generally nerdy discourse, focusing on programming, web development, and computer science.

If for some bizarre reason you find my diatribes engaging, I implore you to stick around, but I feel I must forewarn you that updates will likely be sparse and sporadic. This short introduction alone was a shockingly slow 3 months from inception to publication (that’s 2.64 words per day for the statistics nerds), a delay which can only be blamed in part on the interruptions of modern life, and was primarily down to plain old procrastination.